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Lancôme Miracle Cushion All-In-One Liquid Compact Foundation

I recently reviewed Lancôme's miracle cushion All-In-One Liquid Compact Foundation which launched in June 2015 in across Australia. I waited for awhile before purchasing the Lancôme miracle cushion and i wish i wanted that bit longer because at the time i purchased the compact foundation there were a few more shades available compared to when they first released and recently browsing Lancôme counters i have seen even more shades. Usually i struggle finding the right shade for my skin depending on the season as i do tan .. but i pretty please to find a shade that was close to my skin tone at the time. I ended up purchasing Lancôme miracle cushion in the shade #02 Beige Rose. 
(Michael later on purchased me the limited edition name compact as a gift in the same shade)

I decided to test the foundation for a month, breaking it it down to using two weeks purely as a touch-up compact with a lighter natural makeup coverage and the other two weeks with full coverage makeup.
First two weeks i opt for the natural look because that is my go-to for work. Right now my skin is quite good so i used concealer touche veloutee enlightening concealer brush By Terry in shade #1 Porcelain to cover up dark spot and the undereyes and dabbed Lancôme miracle cushion to keep it in place and just touched up throughout the day. The foundation sat well on my skin, leaving my skin with quite a nice bright dewy finish but i felt the staying power was not great which i was not surprised because i do not expect it to when i'm going for the light coverage so i did find myself touching up through the day. 
Second week for the full coverage look. Not really sure why but i opt with one layer of Garnier miracle skin perfector BB Cream in shade medium instead of a foundation and used Lancôme miracle cushion in the shade #02 Beige Rose as the second layer and it worked well. The Lancôme foundation blended really well onto my skin and with the BB cream and the bright dewy look really showed which i loved. Lasting power was much better in comparison to the light coverage look and i was not touching as often as the coverage was good but the bright dewy look was not lasting as i was hoping.

Light Coverage // Full Coverage

Overall i rate Lancôme miracle cushion highly, it is my first liquid compact foundation purchase and i definitely see myself opting for liquid compact instead of the pressed powder compact in the future. I am hoping to do a comparison review down the track as there are plenty of choices available. In particular i really like the size of the compact - it is more on the chunkier side compared to the other compacts (palm of your hands) but i found that it was extremely sturdy and secure. I do see myself using the compact both ways in terms of when i'm looking for either lighter or full coverage. 
It is a shame that there isn't alot of product in the compact but i found i was able to get a bit more out of my compact when i slip it on the lid overnight
When purchasing i was only able to purchase the compact as is (single compact) or purchase it with a refillable (compact & x1 refill) but was not able to purchase the refill separately at a later date which i thought was really odd. I hope Lancôme review and decide to make refillable purchasable separately at some point. Needless to say i am happy with my Lancôme purchase and i am sure i will be back at the counters repurchasing.

Lancôme miracle cushion All-In-One Liquid Compact Foundation
Compact alone $60 AUD
Compact with refill $90 AUD

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