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Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

I've been playing around with the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara's for sometime now. I don't own any mascara's from the Too Faced range and so i was real excited to get a hold of both of these to try out because there seemed to be a real major hype around the release of these mascara's. I brought these Too Faced Better Then Sex Mascara both at Myer Mecca (Too Faced products are exclusively stocks only at Mecca in Australia).

Mascara's are one of my favourite make-up products so i'm always keen to test out new products when they are on the market especially because I naturally have quite straight lashes and using waterproof mascara seems to be the only thing that works for me. 

I was particularly drawn to these mascara's because of the package design of the waterproof tube especially - the detailing of the water drops are so pretty and are definitely different compared to the other mascara tube designs out there right now and to their signature hourglass-shaped brush. Initially for some reason i thought that the water drop design was only photoshopped on for promotion  but its definitely the actual design of the waterproof tube and i love it !  and for the grand promise of 1944% of more volume !!

For obvious reasons i decided to give the waterproof mascara a go first and i was bit surprised by the quality of the waterproof formula. The waterproof formula did hold my curled lashes with x2 coats but i found that the formula was quite runny and that it took a longer time to dry compared to other waterproof mascaras I've tried out previously. (Not entirely sure but a friend had mentioned that the waterproof formula had been updated since the new release and the original formula wasn't too bad) In saying that, it wasn't a horrible experience to use and i was pleasantly surprised at how long / well my eye lashes stayed curled for. Though i did find that when i applied more then x2 coats of mascara the formula would start to clump up a bit and so in this case a small amount definitely goes a long way with the waterproof mascara. I'm not sure whether i received a bad batch because everytime i would close the lid i found that i had product oozing out of the tube and i felt like i was wiping atleast 1/4 of the product on almost every occasion i had opened the tube and it kind of put me off because i didn't want to be getting product everywhere.

On the other hand the regular formula for the Better Than Sex Mascara i found was to be alot better quality compared to the waterproof version but like many other mascara's it couldn't hold my curled lashes alone without a few coats of waterproof mascara first. What i did like about the regular formula though was that it really fanned out my lashes nicely and it didn't get clumpy and it dried alot quicker compared too the waterproof formula. 


My overall thoughts about the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara are that the regular formula is the standout to me but definitely both worth a try if you are thinking about it. I am a bit disappointed with the loosing so much product with the oozing coming out of the lip but formula wise i'm quite happy with how it holds my curl throughout the day and thats really the main thing.

Too Faced
Better Than Sex Mascara $34 AUD
Better Than Sex Mascara (Waterproof) $34 AUD 

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