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Marc Jacobs Beauty Shameless Youthful-look 24 Hours Foundation

Marc Jacobs Beauty Shameless Youthful-look 24 Hours Foundation

This review is on the new Marc Jacobs Beauty Shameless Youthful-look 24 Hours Foundation SPF 25.


Shameless foundation claims;
“Inspired by Marc’s very own shameless attitude—and his tattoo—this innovative foundation lets your best self show all day long. It’s clinically tested for 24-hours of long-wear, and contains a first-to-market technology that encapsulates the SPF in pigment. This innovation makes the SPF visibly undetectable, so there’s no flashback in photos and no ashy, grey undertones in the formula. 
This oil-free, weightless foundation provides buildable, medium coverage that blends seamlessly. The patented Infinity Milling™ process produces super-fine pigments that result in the most natural-looking, self-setting finish. The broad shade range was developed with artists and models worldwide to fit all skin tones and skin types. The perfect level of coverage allows for flexibility across the shade range—go deeper or lighter depending on your desired look. 

Shameless liquid foundation also beautifies from the inside out with skincare benefits, including phenomenal hydration. It contains snow mushroom, which is known for its impressive ability to hold onto water—it’s like nature’s dupe for hyaluronic acid. The formula also contains blue daisy extract, known to visibly diminish the complexion-dulling effects of pollution. Together, they help your skin look hydrated, plumped, and more youthful. Go ahead, show off your skin shamelessly”


 I’m currently really loving the size and the shape of the packaging this foundation comes in. It comes in really lightweight packing, made of plastic and the size the foundation bottle comes in the perfect size to hold.

The product is lightweight of creamy texture and easy to apply with the beauty blender. Being currently winter in NYC I definitely recommended prepping the skin with foundation, it makes such a huge difference of the overall outcome of the foundation on the skin.
I felt this foundation was a cross between medium to full coverage with the amount of product application but either way its an amazing foundation and definitely fresh and natural looking.


With prepped skin, this foundation went a long way for me. In winter my skin gets fairly dry so prepping and keeping my skin hydrated is important to me otherwise I found I started to get patches of texture around the nose, forehead and sides of the lips but I think that’s due to the ‘self-setting’ – like powder, factor as I personally try to use powder unless I’m tackling oiling skin throughout the day.

I felt this foundation didn’t have long wear power as claimed nor would it be suitable for dry skin because I noticed throughout the day I definitely needed a touch-up and I felt it got flakey and fairly noticeable without a touch-ups

My overall impression is that the shameless foundation is great. I definitely recommend prepping the skin if you’re looking to using this foundation. I would say this isn’t the best everyday foundation if you’ve got dry skin because there are better products out there for dry skin. I am definitely looking forward to using this especially as the summer comes around especially for the self-setting element and the SPF.

Sephora USA
Marc Jacobs Shameless Youthful-Look 24H Foundation SPF 25 $46 USD
Sephora AUS
Marc Jacobs Shameless Youthful-Look 24H Foundation SPF 25 $70 AUD

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