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Hourglass – Vanish Flash Highlighting Stick

Hourglass – Vanish Flash Highlighting Stick

Today I decided to review hourglass – vanish flash highlighting stick.


Hourglass aim to:
An instant flash of light to the skin in 5 brilliant shades for unparalleled glow. These mesmerizing highlighters share the same innovative, weightless texture of Vanish™ to give you the most seamless, lustrous highlight to the skin. Instant payoff, effortless blendability and longwearing luster all in a sleek, portable stick for an instant flash of light anytime, anywhere

• Soft-focus technology creates a flash of light on the skin for a virtually perfect highlight.
• Longwearing, innovative formula adjusts to your body temperature to effortlessly blend into the skin.
• Formulated with hollow microspheres for the most weightless feel on the skin
• Formed in a unique triangular bullet for precision application.
• Multiple shades can be layered to create custom shades and looks.
• Designed to work synergistically with the Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick

Hourglass packaging has always been on-point for me and these highlighters are no exception. These highlighters coincide with hourglass vanish seamless finish foundation sticks, the highlighters just come in silver metallic packaging.
What I love most about these packaging is they make applications so easy and tidy. (not sure about everyone else but I have a tiny bathroom and when I’m laying everything out I feel like I’m making an absolute mess with while applying and of the bathroom in general)

Now vanish flash highlighting stick comes in 5 different shades;
Champagne Flash
Pink Flash
Gold Flash
Rose Gold Flash
Bronze Flash

Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 5.32.26 PM.png

I absolutely wanted to purchase all 5 but the inner-adult inside me knew I should really go with 2. Originally, I headed to my local Sephora, but they were out of stock and stop by another store in passing and both stores had no samples on display, so I took the gamble and purchased these online instead and so I decided to go ahead and purchase the; Champagne Flash and Pink Flash.

                          Champagne Flash                                                      Pink Flash

I absolutely love the shades I brought, originally when I swatched these I thought the highlighters were a bit too bright for me because I generally like to go for a subtle look highlight. But hourglass put me to shame – I was completely wrong, these shades are absolutely gorgeous, and I think they go with any look you’re after.

What’s great about these are the creamy textures don’t make the product oily at all. Being a lightweight product, they are easily blendable and set really nicely once dry. Being such a versatile product you’re really able to create a look as bold or sheer as your heart desires! And it gives off this beautiful subtle dewy look in the process.
The lasting of the product throughout the day I really find it comes down to the sort of skin type you have. With my skin, being currently oily I found that my makeup doesn’t stay in place as long compared to others.

                   Champagne Flash  (blended)                                  Pink Flash (Blended)

One thing that I thought is worth mentioning is that, being in a compact stick and having a soft formula the product didn’t hold up too well in my makeup bag especially during the warmer days. Possibly have lucked out here, but being in my makeup for the last few months the product softened and loosened off from the base of the packaging, making it sit loosely in the tube (if that makes sense) – so I’m able to wind up but need to push the product down gently to place the lid on. So after that; I felt it probably wasn’t worth carrying these in the makeup bag on a day-to-day basis.


Overall all I love these Hourglass highlighters. In my eyes, Hourglass can’t do any wrong with their products, especially with their highlighters. Their products are always great quality and there are plenty of shades to choose from and the shades come out gorgeous on the skin.
Being a versatile product and able to create the dewy look it’s a definite win in my eyes.
Between the two shades, I picked up I really couldn’t pick a favourite between the two, I felt both were versatile for whatever look I’m going for and I definitely would recommend this to anyone that’s wanting to add to their highlighter collection.
Being such a nice product, it would be nice to see these come in minis or something similar where you’re able to grab yourself a bit of everything instead of purchasing a large product of the one shade.

Hourglass – Vanish Flash Highlighting Sticks 0.21 oz, 6.1 g - $42 USD
Hourglass US Website
Sephora US

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